chatbots for utilities

UCC’s aim is to use more digital solutions, and in-time become a paperless company. Chatbots can soon replace all paperwork, and they will be the best at HR processes, customer support and sales tasks. While both chatbots and humans are cornerstones of great customer service, they come with their own set of limitations.

Integrate with your existing live chat or choose a chatbot-only strategy. Let’s resume the case where a user wants to download a specific power bill. With a transactional chatbot, if the user is logged in, the chatbot will be able to go search on the user’s account and return the bill directly into the chatbox, or even by email. Let’s take an example with Inbenta’s technology and see what their bots are already capable of doing for a utility company. The human language is so rich, wide, and full of subtleties that being able to understand every single request isn’t that easy for machines. Userlike has been a part of Lime Technologies since 2021, and it’s not a coincidence!


A study conducted by Tata Consultancy Services, reports that 0.53% of average company revenue of the utilities are expected to be invested in AI. The investments in AI have shown cost savings and revenue improvement in business. Chatbots are not the only application area of AI but also the insights derived from the analytics of consumer data are a big treasure for the utility business.

chatbots for utilities

Making those processes easy is the difference between satisfied, happy customers creating a positive buzz in the community or on social media and frustrated clients looking to change service providers. It also helps with lead generation and personalizing customer experiences. A chatbot can collect data, qualify leads, build customer profiles, make recommendations and much more. First Utility claims businesses need more clarity on which department looks after artificial intelligence innovations such as chatbots. In its response to our prompt, ChatGPT said that its applications could include customer service bots, creation of content for social media or blogs, and translation of text from one language to another. What sets ChatGPT apart from chatbots over the last several decades, however, is that ChatGPT was trained using reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF).

Benefits of Generative AI Integration for Business

Sentiment analysis is one of the newest and most amazing functions of AI. How the chatbot can interpret the intent behind a user’s query, understand sentiment from the tone of voice, and respond appropriately is an extremely valuable skill when customers are often short of time and temper. Even when sentence structure, spelling, or grammar are inconsistent, ambiguous, or informal, like jargon or slang, the chatbot can intuit the meaning and enhance the experience. AI Chatbots recall past interactions with every user over every channel—whether online, via SMS, web portal, or phone.

Chatbot (Text, Audio, & Video) Market – Global Forecast to 2028 … – GlobeNewswire

Chatbot (Text, Audio, & Video) Market – Global Forecast to 2028 ….

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With this research, we hope that we can provide a better understanding and some clear information for people to know better about the relationship between chatbot and utility. Today’s customer wants to connect on messaging channels, giving brands a chance to engage on the same level as a friend. Chatbots improve customer support with 24/7 messaging accessibility and quick resolution to simple questions and problems.

Transactional bots

More so, many tasks can be automated which were earlier handled by human agents. This can free up human reps from the monotony of handling routine tasks and they can rather focus more on complex and urgent issues. Customers love the flexibility and freedom of choosing a variety of channels to connect with a business. At the same time, they also expect businesses to follow them across platforms and ensure seamless conversation on the channel of their choice. Companies however can avoid this situation by using bots that can greatly ease agents’ workloads and also help customers get quick answers.

chatbots for utilities

The bot can be programmed to perform all of the following tasks, making the process smoother, efficient, and satisfying. The utility industry is transforming from a highly traditional sector to a sophisticated technology-driven industry. And as an industry that works on infrastructure and provides uninterrupted basic amenities, a very less proportion of the overall budget in the utilities sector is dedicated to customer service. However, the most advanced capabilities of current chatbots can go above and beyond. As you can see, each utility bot has a different role and performs different functions.

Process of AI Chatbot Interactions Step by Step:

For instance, when a customer needs clarification on their billing amount, they need to look up the customer care number or an email address to get in touch with the concerned person. When a customer finds the correct contact number or email address after scouring various resources, there is no guarantee that the query will be resolved on time. Explore how businesses improve production control quality with Ionbond – an automated visual inspection, classification, and anomaly detection … The Energy Central Power Industry Network® is based on one core idea – power industry professionals helping each other and advancing the industry by sharing and learning from each other. According to research by Juniper Research, the average time savings per chatbot inquiry compared with traditional call centers is over four minutes.

What are the 2 main types of chatbots?

This article aimed to help understand the two main types of chatbots: rule-based and AI chatbots. The latter has a much more complicated functionality and contextual awareness that require less training data and that can actually perform the task for the customer without any human assistance.

Careful evaluation is crucial to ensure that the free AI Chatbot aligns with your commercial needs and doesn’t hinder customer experience or business growth. AI chatbots serve as versatile business tools, automating customer service and providing personalized, scalable support 24/7. Thus, our sample may be representative of the population that might be asked to use chatbots related to COVID-19. However, the recruitment technique through social media may introduce a selection bias (i.e, internet users) which may compromise the generalisability of our findings.

Basic information about your company

With the rise of new social media interfaces, organizations can now deploy an AI algorithm across all of their customer’s preferred messaging platforms. This includes Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, as well as messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat. It enables a more pleasant online experience for customers and increased engagement for the company – all without adding to a contact center’s workload.

  • It can assist in handling inquiries, providing recommendations, or even generating creative content.
  • Bots can also schedule product demos and play a key part in guiding customers through their purchase journey.
  • While humans have been the pillar of customer service for as long as it existed, chatbots are a relatively late yet imposing entrant to the domain.
  • Chatbots, while very useful, shouldn’t be viewed as a panacea for customer care.
  • And third, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities are advancing quickly, making smart chatbots relevant and practical.
  • Chatbots are now an essential part of business operations, streamlining both internal and customer-facing interactions.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Bing AI provides users with a more personalized and intuitive search experience. It employs machine learning techniques to understand user intent, context, and preferences, enabling it to deliver more accurate and relevant search results. Google’s Bard is an AI language model that excels in conversational tasks. Leveraging advanced techniques and extensive training, Bard generates coherent and contextually relevant natural responses. It represents Google’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conversational AI, offering an engaging chatbot experience. An AI chatbot can make AI-powered tools with different names depending on where it is integrated.

How many types of chatbot are there?

When it comes to the different types of chatbots, experts typically distinguish between three types: rule-based bots, bots with artificial intelligence (AI bots), and application-oriented bots that combine both rule-based and intelligent dialogue systems.